Warm welcome to our site Training and Employment Of Truckers TEOFT("Tee-Of-Tee"). We do our best to ensure that courses we offer for professional drivers are a valuable investment for the participant and the future hiring company. Our courses our extreamly friendly with small cohort group formed as a class that meets either 5 days a week or 3 days a weeek for a morning/afternoon/evening 4 hours sessions. Students will go through theory to learn ncessary components, safe CMV operation, Air Break functionality, Skills driving, City Driving and much more. When teaching, we want to offer you the most realistic experience possible, which will help you successfully become a CDL driver from the very beginning. We are waiting for you and your friends with a $$$ discount on our courses!

Our training is designed around the Minimum Federal Curricula Requirements for Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) and offers a personalized approach to practice and access to simulater as well as CMV equipment that allows students to quickly gain experience in exactly what they need the most, whether it's backing, parking at the docks, or simply theory for a CMV Pre-Trip Inspection.

In Addition to ELDT required course for Class A applicants as defined in § 383.91(a)(1) by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administartion (FMCSA), we have developed the simulator training programs and flexible schedule that will really help you quickly not only to call yourself a truck driver - but to become an entry level safe professional truck driver!

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